benefits of mediation

There are many benefits of mediating a dispute. The most obvious are confidentiality, saving money and saving time.

There are additional benefits as well:

Personal Empowerment
People who negotiate their own settlements often feel more powerful than those who use surrogate advocates, such as lawyers, to represent them. Mediation can provide the safe environment to be heard, exercise personal power and achieve resolution leading to peace of mind. It is the time the parties can be understood.

Realistic Resolutions
Those who have reached their own solution in mediation are more likely to follow through and comply with its terms than those whose resolution has been imposed by a third party decision-maker.

Control of Outcome
Parties who work out their own settlements have more control over the outcome of their dispute. The terms of a mediated settlement are more predictable than they would be if a case is arbitrated or litigated.

More than Just a Win/Lose Judgement
Mediated resolutions can result in settlements that are more satisfactory to all parties than a simple compromise or a win/lose judgement. Mediated agreements can include instructions for how the agreed upon will be carried out.